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The Primary Focus

The main use of covenant in Scripture is not as a contract between two human beings on the horizontal plane, but as a relationship sovereignly initiated by God Himself, with man, in which the two parties are not on the same level.    In essence, a covenant expresses a relationship which God Himself initiates out of His own choice and decision.    He defines the terms in which He is prepared to enter into relationship with man. 

God Initiates

We need to realize the initiation is wholly Gods and that the terms are set forth by God. Mans part is simply to respond to Gods offer of a covenant and to accept the relationship which that covenant brings with it.  Man does not set the terms nor does he ever initiate the relationship.

Covenant is Relationship

We cannot understand our relationship with God or others until we understand the scriptural concept of covenant. Every permanent relationship of God with man is based on a covenant.  God never enters into a permanent relationship apart from a covenant.
But Why Man?

Gods love to sinners reaches its objective as it brings them to know and enjoy him in a covenant relation.  A covenant relation is one in which two parties are permanently pledged to each other in mutual service and dependence.  A covenant promise is one by which a covenant relation is set up.   Therefore, God needs man to relate to in His Plan for Mankind. 

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