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Len and Evelyn Levine
What we believe:
As you will see from our testimonies we are both born-again, Bible believing Christians. 
  • We believe in the Trinity of God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 
  • We believe that God created all there is and that everything is held together in Jesus Christ. 
  • We believe that Christ was both divine and human and that he forsook his divinity in dying on the Cross for the sins of every man and woman, past, present and future.
  • We believe in eternal security of the believer (once saved, always saved). 
  • We believe that Christ will return and claim His Bride (the redeemed) and we will live with Him eternally. 
  • We believe that Satan and his angels along with those who reject the free Salvation of the Cross will be eternally condemned to a never-ending death.

Who we are:

Len and Evelyn have been married since 1995 and each have children from prior marriages.  Len has five children and four grandchildren.  Evelyn has three children and one grandson.

We met when Len visitied an adult singles Sunday School class where Evelyn was teaching divorce/loss recovery.   After a brief courtship we married in a beautiful wedding ceremony prayerfully designed to reflect our Covenant of Marriage.

Len has worked for the same major corporation for 34 years.  He has no plans to retire soon.  In his past is Jewish blood.  His grandfather became a Christian along with his Gentile wife they pastored many years in the Foursquare Gospel Church.  This is the heritage that brought Len into faith in Christ.

Evelyn was a devoted housewife and mother until her marriage was destroyed by infidelity.  She raised her three children alone.   Her background is from a Baptist minister father and a Registered Nurse mother.  Her father led her to Christ.

Today, we are happily married with an empty nest but a growing brood of grandchildren.  Len and Evelyn both work at home in their various occupational and ministry endeavors.